Special Needs Estate Planning Attorney

Special Needs Estate Planning Attorney, Hanover MA

Providing support and stability for your loved ones takes on a greater significance when caring for a person with a physical or mental disability. Conventional estate planning techniques can jeopardize a disabled person’s access to government aid and health benefits. An experienced attorney can anticipate and navigate these special challenges.

A Supplemental Needs Trust enables a person under a physical or mental disability, or an individual with a chronic or acquired illness, to have in Trust an unlimited amount of assets which are nevertheless not considered countable assets for government aid eligibility.

The disabled person still benefits from these assets – the Trustee of the SNT may use any income or principal in the trust for the disabled person. The assets can be used for “supplemental and extra care over and above what the government provides.” For instance, where government aid provides a baseline of housing and food, the Trustee can use the SNT funds to provide the beneficiary with goods and comforts to provide a full, meaningful life, such as entertainment, travel, or supplies for hobbies.

Even if a disabled person does not qualify for government aid, an SNT is a great tool for providing for a disabled person without saddling him or her with unneeded responsibility.